Official introduction?

Is there any official operational showcase of using Supernotes? For instances, Alan, the cofounder of Heptabase showed how he used Heptabase to manage his readings.

Every time I browse the community I see responses from official people in some of the responses to questions, many of which are about supernotes ideas, visions, reflections, etc. Is it possible to have a place, similar to blog, or you guys can post some articles, as bear2 did recently?


We’re working on some new Youtube introductory videos, since our current ones are a little outdated now (but show how far we’ve come with our continuous updates over the past few years). However the principles and use cases of Supernotes explained in the videos remain very much the same.

We also have a bunch of Supernotes stories from our Community here, which is definitely worth a read if you are looking for workflows. Or check out @freisatz’s Paradigm for using supernotes consistently.

If anyone would like to share their Supernotes story, please get in touch with us!


I do agree that a resource on how to onboard on the platform and start a personal database is definitely needed to make getting started with supernotes easier. However, I think an issue with the idea of an “official” introduction is that supernotes is quite flexible, so there is not the “one way” to use it. Each and every user is likely to have different requirements and expectations, and will in turn maintain a different, personal workflow.

I feel it is somewhat up to the userbase to work something out. The article of mine Tobias linked is a piece that addresses mere technical issues on how to apply the supernotes feature set, but definitely not exhaustive in terms of a getting started guideline. Coincidentally, I am currently working on outlining other aspects of my workflow, that is intended as a general-purpose method to build something one might call a second brain within supernotes. I should be able to share it rather soon, so watch this space :slight_smile: