Paradigm for using supernotes consistently

Hi there,

ever since I started using supernotes, I somewhat struggled to find a workflow that would allow me to consistently use the features provided by supernotes and in doing so create a graph of data that is easy to handle.

There are tags, there are parents, and we can link a card to another one. While this is great, it comes with the obigation to decide whether some association should be represented as a tag, a parent or a linked card.

Other approaches, such as roamresearch, have only one thing, which does all of the above at once. That to has its charme, and it seems simpler as we do not need to make a decision as above. However, with a paradigm that - once initially defined - automatically answers that question everytime you add content, supernotes can become just as simple, but provides the benefit that you actually do have a hierarchy, something that roamresearch is lacking.

I though quite a lot about this and stored my thoughts in a card. Maybe its interesting for some of you, so I would like to share it with you

This is kind of ongoing work, so might be a little rough on the edges.

Please feel free to comment, I’m really interested in your thoughts on this one.



This. Is. Awesome. Thanks for sharing @freisatz!

We wanted to build Supernotes in a way that it lets any user have their notes how they want - and make it personal to them (but still shared!). Whether it’s mostly a flat hierarchy and organisation is dependent on tags; or a very deeply nested hierarchy where organisation is dependent on nesting cards; or just having a combination of both.

I’m really happy to see you have made use of all the different features of Supernotes and have built what seems like a very powerful workflow! :raised_hands: