Opening card in preview makes graph recalculate

Description of the bug
When opening a card in preview mode while in graph view, the whole graph starts to rebuild visually, i.e. a lot animations of the noded positions is triggered.

App & Version
Android App v3.0.6

Steps to reproduce
Open card in graph view on mobile.

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The graph view has seen a massive speed boost since the 3.0.0 release. For the Insights part of my DB, I’d consider this fast enough. For the Input root note (which has way more notes), it’s still quite slow at infinite depth, but usable.

The main problem now is the weird layout resetting that happens any time I select a node in the graph. Is that expected behaviour?

Hi @JamesT, great to hear! Yes, we’re aware of the graph re-rendering issue → we’re hoping to fix it within the next release or two. I’m pulling this into a bug report so we can track it more effectively.

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Thats probably related to my report I posted recently.

Oh yes, I overlooked that, thanks for mentioning it @freisatz linking them together!