Opt out from collaboration features

Collaboration is great, but when I use app on my own (at least for now), these features are not helping - they bloat interface!

If I don’t have my notes shared, I don’t see why :heart:button should be displayed at all? Should I event be able to “like” my own note?

I think collaboration features should be:

  • Available contextually
  • Available to turn off in settings, so I can improve my single user experience

Thanks for considering this!


Some fair points!

Interestingly we actually do have users that use the “collaboration” features even in single-player mode. The “like” button can be used (and was designed to be used) as a “favoriting” tool, because of course you can filter your cards based on whether you’ve liked them or not.

Commenting wasn’t really designed for single-player, but we actually do have some users that leave comments for themselves, so wouldn’t be good for that use case if we just removed them for unshared cards.

Probably worth mentioning at this point that if you haven’t found it already there is the “seamless” mode (can be accessed with CMD/CTRL + E or from the noteboard dropdown menu). This will remove all interface elements from the cards except for the actual content. So if you weren’t aware of that option give that a go and see if it works for you.

But I can definitely understand how seamless might be too much reduction of interface, so I think a “streamlined” view that removes/reduces some of the stuff you don’t want to see while still keeping cards visually distinct could definitely be a feature worth adding.

Let me know if you’ve tried seamless mode (and if it’s too much of a good thing) and we can look into having a mode that straddles the line between the two!

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If anyone else would like a viewing mode that is something between normal and seamless, please like this comment so that we can better gauge interest!


Well, it’s bigger discussion I guess, about product feature, however sometimes new features don’t mean better experience.

In my opinion it’s always good to allow user to craft one’s own experience - users who collaborate can use these features, users who don’t - are not distracted.

Let’s see Todoist for example. They allow collaboration features only if I invite someone to the project. I don’t have “assign to” button if I’m alone. It might sounds like its a nitpick, but it’s actually increasing cognitive load (“why should I like my own card”? “what is the difference between pin and like”)

Of course I understand the business model and you like to promote collaboration and make app more popular… But I believe in the end I will more likely recommend app if I literally l-o-v-e it, than if I’m propted to in navigation bar tab all the time (which I will never use)

Of course this is my opinion and I’m curious how other think.

But from both developer’s and productivity freak’s point of view (who also develops products), I vote for some feature flags in settings :wink:

I don’t think its major though - I rather think of future features and which direction app will go.
I have personal struggle if I should move my “second brain” here, which will cost me a lot of time, still not being sure what direction it will go. I have experience with tools who went into collaboration seriously and made me quit.

Anyway for now I like how it looks and look forward for the future releases



I agree. This is the only thing holding me back to pay for a subscription. A pre-defined “Inbox” on the sidebar that only useful for collaboration. And the “Like” and “Comment” features. I understand somebody using them even for personal note-taking, but can we have a toggle to turn them off on the settings?


I agree to this one, while I can see the use of collaborative features for teams, they are mostly just distracting for personal use. Since the like/comment/share buttons take up considerable space on a card, I kind of feel like I am using the product wrong when I never interact with them. What I would love to see is an “individual” licence at say half the price of the standard one, where there are no (or limited) collaboration options, only the core features that are so great for personal notekeeping!

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That! Would be perfect! I am also not interested in the Collab features, I take notes for myself and I also never shared my paper notebook with other people :wink:
Sure, I understand that other people do it differently, and different purposes acquire different set ups.
I would also highly appreciate a lower price for individual notetaking as “we” need less infrastructure
(and this I mean for all apps that offer Collab features: collab-full price, individuals- lower)

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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts on the collaboration features and how they can be distracting if you only ever plan to use Supernotes in “single-player” mode. We hear you, and agree that if you absolutely never plan to share any of your cards with someone else, some of the interface elements can take up space unnecessarily. As such, we will begin exploring the best way to potentially hide collaboration elements for users that do not want them.

With that said, I have to note that such a “Solo” view mode would not be coming with a cheaper price. Regardless of if you use Supernotes to collaborate or not, it is still built as an online-first platform, so there is no “extra” infrastructure involved in maintaining the collaboration features.

So, it would be great to know how many of you would still be interested in this addition even if it means no cheaper pricing plan, as it will involve a decent amount of work. The current idea being that there would be a toggle in your Settings that disables all collaboration features in the interface.



That would be fantastic! Thank you so much for your consideration!

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I would love a switch to turn those features off…even if the price stays the same.

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I’d love to be able to turn off the collaboration features, and wouldn’t even have expected a lower price. :slight_smile:


An experimental “Solo Mode” has been added as a User Preference in Supernotes 2, please let us know what you think!


Thank you so much for the implementation it’s awesome.
One small thing, can we hide the default filters like “Mine”, “Kept”, “Liked” etc? Generally, it would be great if we could hide the default filters. Thanks, keep up the good work!

Hi @Eatmoresushi, glad to hear to it! Yes we can do that, I’ve added it as something for us to change in the next minor update.

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Just discovered the handy solo mode. Was disappointed it also takes away the Like button, though it keeps the Liked filter. I think Likes are a good way quickly access favorite notes, separate from pinned. Comments are also still useful in solo mode to keep thoughts about books, restaurants, etc, separate from the note info. What about solo mode with Likes/Comments? Maybe turn the Share button into Pin/Unpin? Also, I commented in a post about a Static Today URL that while in solo mode it would be nice to turn the Join button on the toolbar to go to the Daily collection.

Hi @rcavin, some great ideas!

Solo mode is an experimental feature we added recently but it’s designed to only remove elements rather than switch them out. One of the things we’ve noticed, is that everyone has slightly different preferences for what features they’d like to keep / show. We might make this a more granular / customisable setting in the future. If anyone has any other suggestions, more thoughts welcome!