Option to add default language for code blocks

Excited to be a new user for your product!
So my cards are typically very code heavy, and more often than not, I’m working mostly on a specific language for some time period. (let’s say learning a new stack or aggregating notes for a blog post for a framework).

Thus it would be very helpful to be able to choose a default language and change it in the settings when it comes to code blocks. Let’s say I am focused on ruby this month, I choose it as my default for new code blocks, and the new code blocks are created like so (using incorrect syntax to avoid rendering an actual code block in the post) :


Hope you consider this! Thank you

Hi @Appsecmaster, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Thanks for your feature request. Probably even better than this, would be to recognise the language you’re typing and update the markup on finishing a card, appending the language to the first three backticks. Would this work for you?


Certainly! That would be even better :slight_smile: I was just looking for a straightforward solution, but yours is a much nicer UX.

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