Persistence of minimize

Great to be able to minimize a card using the left arrow. But this state doesn’t seem to persist between views… including when you briefly switch to another app. Is this a bug? Would be nice if a card stayed minimized until you didn’t want it to be any more.


Hi @ememess, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

Really happy to hear you are enjoying minimising cards. The intended behaviour at the moment is not to persist this between views and sessions for that matter, out of interest what is your reasoning for wanting to keep a card collapsed? Understanding your use case means we can improve the behaviour of this for you.

Also when you briefly switch between another app, the minimised card should stay minimised when you return. This bit sounds like a bug. Could you tell me which app / device / os you are using? Even better please share a screen recording. Feel free to share this here or privately via the “Chat with Us” button with the ( ? ) Help Menu in the app.

Hey there - thank you for the reply. I’ve just tried to replicated the behavior of it un-minimizing when I switched apps, and it did not, so that may have been an error on my part.

I like the idea of cards retaining their minimized state because that way i can set up a “view” within a parent, which is only showing me the notes I want to be able to edit or think about in that session. Yes, I could do that via tagging but that seems quite a lot of work, and my needs may change between sessions… so it seems like a useful way of establishing a quick and temporary view of the cards.

Hi @ememess, if you notice anything re-producible like this again do let us know.

Thanks for explaining your use case, that does make sense indeed. I’m going to modify topic to be a feature request, and hopefully we can minimize persistent. One issue is that on mobile currently there is no way to minimize a card, so we will have to improve that as well.

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Excellent - thank you!

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