Pin View Breaks when Attempting to Edit a Card on a Small Screen

Thanks for continuing to work on Supernotes. I’ve been using it more heavily since 2.4 dropped, and it’s coming along fantastically! I really enjoy it.

I noticed a UI bug in the 2.4.0 iOS release, to reproduce:

  1. Pin a card.
  2. In the pinned view, edit any card.
  3. UI Viewport breaks as follows:

As far as I can tell, once this happens the viewport problem persists across all other views and the only way to fix it is to quit the app and restart.

Hope this helps, thanks!

EDIT: Oh, and I’m on iOS 16.4.1.

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Hi @solsen,

Thanks for the in-depth bug report, it’s very helpful. We’ve managed to replicate this and will fix this in the next minor update.

the same problem appears on android app !

This bug effects all devices, even desktop apps when the screen is narrow. We’ve fixed this in our staging environment and this will be pushed to production soon.

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