Supernotes 2.4.1

Supernotes 2.4.1 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and some additional quality-of-life improvements related to new features.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below. Looking forward to sharing Supernotes 3 with you very soon!

New and Improved Comments

We’ve given comments some love, with better support for long discussions. Now, successive comments from the same author automatically collapse together for better readability. On Desktop, you can quickly edit a comment you’ve just created by pressing (and explore new edit options by hovering over different comments). On mobile devices you can now tap and hold on a comment to edit / delete it.

Improvements & Fixes

  • New Copy to Clipboard export #1611 by @MaxLinWorm
  • New LaTeX block preview in edit mode
  • Add view depth cyclic keyboard shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + D with indicator #1596 by @freisatz
  • Improve Onboarding scaling on small devices and to be skippable with a close button
  • Improve styling of completed tasks with a strikethrough and transparency #1593 by @isaiur
  • Improve scrollable results for cards, filters and more to be infinitely scrollable – no more limits! #1614 by @MaxLinWorm
  • Improve search results algorithm and remove Invisible and Junked cards from them #1613 by @MaxLinWorm
  • Improve multi-select to not show preview when clicking card title #1582 by @MaxLinWorm
  • Fix Esc key not working in Preview
  • Fix spacing and rendering of unknown and uncommon devices in Session manager
  • Fix tables and other elements breaking when filtering by marks
  • Fix parent cards not appearing within multi-select #1632 by @isaiur
  • Fix bug where it was impossible to set the Targeted Date of a new card to today initially
  • Fix pinned view breaking on small screens #1625 by @solsen
  • Fix bug where drag and dropped / pasted images would be aggressively downscaled
  • Fix cards being truncated unnecessarily on Mobile #1560 by @moose
  • Remove functionality that prevented empty cards #1461 by @freisatz

CMD + D plus the small depth indicator are perfect—thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

:beetle:: When I create a new note now, it drops to the bottom of the noteboard, rather than staying at the top.

Hi @JamesT, happy to hear you are enjoying the new depth improvements. I’m unable to replicate that bug, which sort order are you using? Is it possible to send us replication steps / screen recording?

EDIT: I’ve been able to replicate, guessing you are using Alphabetical sort? It’s sorting the card immediately upon finishing.

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:beetle: There’s something weird happening.
When I finish editing a note, it disappears… I have installed v2.4.1 again, but the problem persists.

Hi @welington, sorry to hear this, which sort option are you using?

If you set the sort to Last Edited does the same problem occur? Could you send over a screen recording of the issue, and we will investigate further

I use the calendar-based one.
Now that you mentioned it, I went to the Home collection, and the notes appear there, but not in their target date, from the calendar view.

Sure thing, @tobias. How can I send it? There’s no option to send it here.

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Hi @welington,

Thanks for the further details, that’s very helpful. No need for a screen recording in the end. I’ve managed to replicate this on our end now, and we will push a fix very soon :slight_smile: In the meantime create new cards in the Home collection and then they will appear in Today.

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Congrats on the update with so many bug fixes reported by the community. Never used an app whose devs are so responsive to the community.

Love the new depth shortcut and indicator.


Excited to see the update, thank you!

With regards to the bug “Fix cards being truncated unnecessarily on Mobile #1560”, I played around with the iOS app and I definitely notice a big improvement in the way cards appear by default, and I see less truncation where it shouldn’t happen.

However, I still see instances of cards being truncated when they shouldn’t, though I haven’t yet figured out if there’s a reproducible way to get it to occur. It seems like switching between different pages/noteboards will still cause child cards to get truncated at different times. If needed, I’d be happy to share screenshots of what I’m seeing in a private message.

Hi @moose, you’re very welcome, glad to hear you’re enjoying the update.

Roger that, try the “restart app” function from within settings before testing as it could be some stale cache causing some truncations. The logic currently is that cards with images will always be truncated, but other than that short cards should not be truncated. If you find a reliable way to replicate, after restarting the app, please send over a screen recording via. the in-app “Chat with Us” messenger which can be found in the Help Menu.

Thank you! Sent a couple of messages through “Chat with us” :slightly_smiling_face:

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