Plain Pasting in Mobile Editor

Is there a way to prevent the new editor from escaping Markdown syntax when pasting? Or should this rather be filed in Feature Requests?

Yep, if you hold shift while pasting this should escape the Markdown.

This works for everything apart from one edge case where if you have only a url in your clipboard, and try to paste it will still apply the markdown syntax – this will be fixed soon.

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What about mobile?

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Good point! We’re adding a fancy toolbar to the mobile apps soon that will give you the option to plain / magic paste, along with lots of other markdown syntax shortcuts.

I’ve updated the title of this topic and moved it into FRs.


While looking forward to the new toolbar, I found a workaround that works for me when transferring content from TickTick to supernotes, which is a very common use case in my workflow.

When pasting some markdown content, I simply make sure that I select some dummy text beforehand. This replaces the dummy text by the raw contents of the clipboard without escaping symbols, as desired.

Tested in the mobile app on android.

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