Pressing Noteboard Target (Home) button causes uh-oh error

Select Home button at top of the window (not the sidebar Home). I get a little dialog which says
“Uh Oh
Something went wrong!
Go Home
Error code NV”
Selecting Go Home takes me to the same place as selecting Home on the sidebar. No way to access the options in the top of window Home button.

Hi @mryoung, welcome to the Supernotes Community.

Thanks for the bug report and sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issues. We’re investigating this now and will be releasing a 3.0.1 patch in the next day or so to fix these errors. In the meantime if you can sign out and then sign back in, that should hopefully fix it!

This same bug also happens on iOS, which you may already know.

Hi @JohnCP, thanks for the further info. We are scheduled to release 3.0.1 later today that will hopefully fix this across all platforms.