Supernotes 3.0.1

Supernotes 3.0.1 has been released. You can now find Supernotes on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, please uninstall your test version and switch to the official app. We will be announcing this as a big launch later this week, keep an eye out for your emails :tada:

This minor release also addresses a few small bugs that have been introduced as part of Supernotes 3. Thanks everyone on the Community for your feedback, it’s been great to hear about the new workflows you’ve discovered. More to come! :sparkles:

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add new “Sign out” check to make sure all changes are synced to the servers
  • Improve error system to display more useful information and have a back button
  • Improve re-connection stability when going back online
  • Improve re-authentication by adding a popup that makes it more obvious what actions the user should take
  • Improve performance and consistency of the syncing system
  • Improve load performance by requiring fewer full card collection fetches
  • Improve visibility changes so that Invisible cards now immediately disappear from the current view if the “Invisible” filter is active
  • Improve profile pictures by adding clearing loading indicators and retry
  • Fix Achievements erroring out interface
  • Fix Noteboard menu erroring out interface #1912 by @mryoung
  • Fix Today button not always navigating the user to Today view on mobile
  • Fix Broadsheet view padding issues on mobile
  • Fix anomaly where all cards would appear errored out on first login
  • Fix quickly changing themes in Onboarding from breaking
  • Fix copy share buttons on mobile
  • Fix links to other local apps not opening #1902 by @itsben
  • Fix issue where print shortcut wasn’t functioning correctly on Desktop apps
  • Fix improper billing information when on a free trial
  • Fix scrollbars being present on loading screens
  • Fix emails confirmation buttons not responding correctly
  • Fix issue where “cutting” on shared cards could be too aggressive when removing existing users from the card
  • Fix broken card embedding
  • Disable “Share to Supernotes” on Android as it was causing crashes, will be re-added in a subsequent release

Google Play only shows version 3.0.0 still.

Same for iOS.

Great to see the app in the App Store!

I notice that when I use the Share to Supernotes option to save a page link, it saves, but then the noteboard shows “Collection Not Found”. Doesn’t cause any persisting errors though.

Hi @freisatz and @isaiur, it takes a little while for Apple and Google to review our apps. Moving forward, all versions of 3.0+ will be backwards compatible, so the old apps will work with the previous backend.

Usually we will wait for Apple and Google to finish reviewing before releasing, but there were some critical updates in 3.0.1 so we wanted to get it out as soon as possible!

Hi @moose,

Ah this will happen as you are most likely sharing a Supernotes link to the app, so it’s trying to find a path that corresponds to that within the app. We will fix this in the next minor update.

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Hey everyone, as of 3.0.1 some of you may experience the toolbar icons not rendering in on Android and Desktop. If you experience this please re-download the desktop app from our Downloads page or Android Play Store.

We greatly improved the robustness of icons across the platform to prevent some errors that members were encountering with the previous release, enjoy!

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