Prevent card being added to Outline when opened

I’m not sure if this is expected behaviour, but every time I open a card to add child cards, the card gets indexed.

I keep manually unindexing and it keeps coming back.

From the docs:

That’s why every-time you open a card (Double-clicking it’s title or pressing [shift] + [space] when it is focused) and make it a parent we add it to the sidebar automatically for you.

This is frustrating behaviour. I only want the things I manually index on the sidebar.

From my experience, I create several parent cards for different categories, such as “Academic”, “Writing”, etc.
Then every card I write should go into one of those categories, and when these child cards are opened and automatically indexed, they are under their parent cards. In this way, the automatic indexing makes sense (and actually I quite like it


Not if your parent card has dozens of children, then it’s really painful.

Maybe we need a toggle :grinning:

As we are currently building it, the new tree is going to be opt-out rather than opt-in (and therefore not automatic).

So everything will be in your tree by default. If you want more like the current behavior, you will be able to filter by “has children”. Otherwise, everything will be there but you will be able to manually specify some cards as “don’t show in the tree”.

Does that fit use-cases and needs?

This was implemented in Supernotes 2.4.0, marking as complete :white_check_mark: