Priority child cards with multiple priority grand children will only be expandable in one location within the Outline

I think I might be seeing a related issue.

I have a parent note titled “How to avoid getting stuck when writing”, which has 4 children. All 5 of the notes are set to Priority visibility, but the child notes are only visible in one part of the Outline and not in another.

Hi @JamesT, thanks for the bug report.

The behavior you’re experiencing is a separate bug (so I’ve moved this into a different topic), not sure why the priority child cards are not being shown. I’ve been able to replicate this on our end and we will push a fix soon.

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This has been fixed as of Supernotes 3.0.3 :sparkles:

This still isn’t fixed for me in 3.0.6

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Hi @JamesT, sorry to hear this and thanks for letting us know!

We are unable to accurately replicate this. All our multi-parent cards are expandable:

What I don’t understand from your screenshot is why the Feedback card is on the root level? How many parents does that card have? Perhaps try emptying your entire junk and then logging out and then back in again – there could be some leftover parent relationship in your data structure that is causing this problem.

Can you replicate this with any other parent card of yours? Apologies for the continued issue with this :slight_smile:

It’s not on the root level, it’s a child notecard within “Insights” (not shown in the screenshot), which is a root notecard.

There’s no “empty junk” button, right? So I manually deleted 70 cards, which took a while, then logged out and back in. Same issue.

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Thanks for the fast reply @JamesT! We will continue investigating this. There is a junk all button by the way, it was added a while ago. Sounds like we might need to make this more obvious!

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Before there was a clear pattern—the first time a notecard appeared in the hierarchy it was expandable, all other times it wasn’t. That problem seems to be fixed, and now I haven’t been able to figure out what’s common across the few remaining notecards where this happens.

Here’s another example:

Try clicking the “empty junk” button within Junk. It may be there’s a hidden card / relationship somewhere causing the issue. Or an invisible card maybe. We’ve been trying to break the Outline it on our end with no success so far.

Just tried that, but unfortunately the same cards as in my screenshots still aren’t expandable/collapsible.

I’m getting the same as this. Tried emptying junk, made no difference.


Alrighty, finally managed to replicate and track down the root cause. Thanks for continuing to follow-up everyone, this should be fixed (for real this time) in 3.1.0


Confirmed fixed in 3.0.7. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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