Raycast integration

I have just started using Raycast and I love how much it’s integrations speed things up. Would you consider building a Raycast integration with supernotes?
I could probably have a crack at it myself but tbh I probably wont get round to it until I get familiar with using your APIs regularly, which I’m not doing yet!

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I’ve never tried Raycast but will have a look and get back to you on this!

@thomasdotred I hadn’t heard of Raycast before your post, so I tried it out, and now it has replaced Spotlight for me. Thank you!

@Connor I’ve been jealous of Mem’s quick add (they call it Spotlight) dialog for ages, and I use TickTick’s quick add dialog every day for my tasks. I’m not sure I’d use a quick add dialog very often with Supernotes, as I tend to switch fully to “note mode” with Supernotes full screen, rather than take instant notes from other apps. But I’m guessing other people have a different workflow, and that a quick add feature might be very useful for them.

Perhaps a Raycast extension would be a quick way for you to add that feature for macOS users?


We’ve just published the official Supernotes Raycast integration, it is the first of many integrations coming to Supernotes. Check out our new integrations page.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback, @thomasdotred and @JamesT.


I just tried the Raycast plugin, and it works like a charm! :heart:

Getting the API key via the app was a breeze (I wish other apps made their key management as smooth).

I can see me using the Search Cards feature quite regularly, as I don’t need to switch from my currently open app. I probably won’t use the Create Card feature as often, but it’s nice to have that too.

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I’ll risk being perceived as ungrateful and immediately request a feature! :slight_smile:

Any chance of adding an “Open in Supernotes” action (i.e. to Raycast’s CMD + k actions panel) to the “Search Cards” command?

Being able to navigate straight to the card would be useful for seeing the wider context of the card and for exploring that part of your knowledge graph.

Also, @tobias I have to complement you on the integrations page. It looks incredible, and I’m digging the subtle animations! :heart_eyes:

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Hi @JamesT,

We are really happy to hear you are enjoying the new Raycast integration.

Short answer is yes, but it’s a bit more complex as it requires us to add functionality to the desktop apps so you can open them in an OS level to a specific card (known as deep linking). It will be coming soon.

And thanks @JamesT, although the actual Raycast extension was all done by @connor!


The extension is really welcome !

I added some features in this pull request: Supernotes: New Browser Shorcuts, Improved Creation Form by pomdtr · Pull Request #2278 · raycast/extensions · GitHub


  • Add shortcuts for home, daily, thoughts, inbox, and junk views
  • Allow open cards in the browser from the search and create commands
  • Default to showing an HUD on new card creation, add shortcut to open the preview
  • add a confirmation alert on card deletion

Support for deep links would be really cool :slight_smile:

We’ve just updated our Raycast integration, to include opening cards directly from Raycast. Worth a try if you’re a Mac user!

Get it here → Integrations | Supernotes

Raycast w: App links

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This is slick! :heart:

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