Readwise API integration


It would be very useful to be able to sync supernotes with Readwise, in order to write about idead highlighted from books in supernotes/


Hi @xBlady,

Thanks for the suggestion. We will see what we can do.

In the meantime, Pipedream have just added Supernotes to their supported integrations. Since they also support Readwise, it should be possible to create a workflow where highlights are automatically synced to Supernotes. Hope that helps!

I’d also love a Readwise integration


Me too, would be great for a full second brain workflow!

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So @freisatz, shared this awesome workflow on connecting Readwise to Supernotes using Pipedream. Please do check it out → Readwise to Supernotes via Pipedream :dart:

+1. I think a native integration with a simple API token drop-in is what’s needed here. It can work with Pipedream, but that’s an entire other service to pay for and personally difficult to justify!

I see lots of apps adding a native readwise plugin that brings over highlights with tags, images, etc! Please consider bumping this.

Are there any updates on this? I have been using Readwise heavily and am really missing a native integration that ports everything over with source links, tags, etc.

I have had to use another note tool just for their Readwise sync, which is really not ideal :grimacing: I think lot’s of users would appreciate this addition!

Behind-the-scenes we are working on a system that will hopefully make this very easy to do within Supernotes. Unfortunately it is not going to make it into SN 3.1, but it will be a top priority after this release, so hopefully it will arrive in 3.2. Please bear with us until then!

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