Recent sort should respond to opening cards + Opened card sort

I noticed the recent sort is not responding to opening cards, only edited or created time.

Also, what counts as reading/opening a card? Opening via noteboard/previewing/showing more?

Thanks for the bug report @MaxLinWorm. This is not a bug, Recent shouldn’t change if you open cards, it’s only based on edited and created time. For that reason, I’m marking this as intended-behaviour.

However we do have a last_opened property that isn’t visible to a user, and we can add that as another sort option if you like? It would be purely for cards that have been opened. If you’d like this I will change this topic to be an FR and we can push in the next minor release.

That wasn’t how it worked originally, was it? I liked the recent original recents sort, which took into account created, edited and opened date, so I could keep a feed with the items I recently worked with, which might be created, edited or read (=opened).

RE the feature request, I think more sort options are appreciated. However, what I’d really like is a recent sort that includes creation date, opened date and edit edit, whichever is more recent.

The documentation also says that the recen sort consideres opened date:

From the changelog:

From the forum:

Aha you noticed! You’re very right it wasn’t like that, but we got lots of not-so great feedback so we quietly reverted the change, and it should have been in the patch notes our apologies. The issue was that you would often open lots of cards and then your feed would suddenly be a bit too cluttered with cards that you aren’t editing / really properly interacting with.

I’ve changed this to a feature request, and we will consider creating an improved sorting method to try and include the opened date. If anyone else would like this change as well, please like Max’s original post at the top or leave a reply below if you have more thoughts.