Remove search results limits

So, as I mentioned in the post linked bellow, AFAICT, Supernotes limits the search results to the top 15(?) hits, in the command prompt, the parent and link couplers. As I study and take notes on certain topics, the topics’ names are the most precise and quickly remembered search terms for finding a note and so are the most important search terms I use.

However, they’re also frequently used and this limit means that as my notes library grows, I’ll be missing a lot of notes.

So, my feature request is that all matching notes be shown, perhaps with lazy loading to keep performance up.

Yes, this was originally added as a performance optimization, as obviously without it you can end up having 100s of cards (or tags, etc) in the search results. However we think we can do this performantly, so we will add your +1 to this features priority.

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