Rename tag all at once

Sometimes I want to change the name of a tag I’ve been using. Adding new tags and deleting old tags would be too slow, I think. Any chance an edit tag name option could be added at some point?


We’ve thought about adding a ‘global rename tag’ option, but unfortunately it’s a bit more complex than it seems due to the shared nature of Supernotes.

For example cards that have been shared with you and you don’t have edit permissions – if you edit an existing tag name, would it add a personal tag on shared cards? There are lots of edge cases like this.

Our current plan, is to have a multi-select option, where you can select all cards in a current view (say if you filtered by that tag), and then remove the old tag and and a new one. I’ve added a +1 for this feature for you!


This seems like a good solution! How many other edge cases are there?

Quite a few more, but the multi-select feature should address all of them :slight_smile: