Retrospective calendar in SN

I would like to implement the principle of the retrospective calendar in Supernotes.
Basically, the idea is that you first repeat what is longest in the past or what you could remember the worst.
Now, for example, I would add the individual topics from the material overview for my exam as parents and color them red, yellow or green. I would tag the children on whom I would then jot down my knowledge using free recall with #:red_circle:, #:yellow_circle: or #:green_circle:.
Then I would first filter by the red color of the cards and sort by recent ascending. But can I then also sort by the tags or would I first have to filter by #:red_circle: etc.?

Does anyone have any ideas on how else I could implement this? I guess the introduction of custom collections could make this much easier.

Not sure if you’ve seen this post @isaiur, as it could be helpful to use the graph view as well. Custom Collections will definitely make this easier :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will have a look on graph view again. I haven’t warmed up to it yet…

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