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Hey everyone, so I discovered Supernotes a few days ago and was super impressed with it’s clean and simple UI and general approach to the note-taking concept. So many features already, although the app is still in its early stages! Kudos to the developers :clap: :clap:
The ONLY problem I found while fiddling with it is it’s complete lack of RTL support, even without markdown. This is a deal-breaker for me because, while still writing a lot in English, I still find it much easier to get things out of my head quickly using my mother tongue.
Is this something that is going to be addressed? How about the coming desktop version?


I’ve no idea what the SuperNotes team are doing with regards to the desktop app, but I’m going to assume there’s a strong chance it’ll be a web wrapper using electron; which means it’s unlikely to fix your problem.

Sadly, electron wrappers are the fastest way to present a desktop app.

I really hope I’m wrong and they surprise us with something better though :smiley:

Thanks rawkode, I actually don’t mind if they use Electron, it’s not THAT bad :slight_smile:
But I still want it to be able to support RTL, both in the web version and on the desktop version.
In Google’s Keep, for example, you don’t even need to specify it, just start to write in an RTL language, the text will get aligned to the right automatically, and that includes even the header of the note itself.
On Supernotes I’ve noticed you can press CTRL (or CMD) + right shift to “shift” everything to the right but all the content jumps back when you save and close the note :confused:

Yep, RTL support is important and is coming. Will be included as part of the new visual editor and will work the same as Google Keep, where RTL languages will just automatically be RTL.

And yes, initially desktop apps will be an electron wrapper, as we’d like to have something out there rather than nothing, and obviously native apps take a fair bit of time to develop.

We do want our Electron apps to be as optimized as possible though, which is why it has taken us slightly longer to push them out there than originally anticipated.

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This is great to hear, thanks Connor!
I agree with the desktop approach, I think Electron is a decent solution and will add a lot of value to the product as a whole.
Thanks again

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Is there any updates on RTL support?

Hi @aryahadi, as @connor mentioned previously RTL support is on our high priority list!

Unfortunately we have a lot of high priority items at the moment, namely desktop & mobile apps. However we are planning to add support for RTL with our new editor which is coming soon.

We added partial RTL support in 3.0.6 for paragraphs and more. More complex Markdown such as lists will not function correctly however.