Search based on keyword instead of exact match

Currently search is great if you know a single word, or exact string of words in your card. But I think it would be even better if when I searched for a word then added another super notes would pull all cards that have those two words in them regardless if it matched my exact search string.

IE: a search for “PowerShell Exchange” would pull up a card named “how to connect to Exchange online using PowerShell”

Better yet would be to have keyword matching searches be pulled up underneath of exact string matches so that a search that does not match an exact string will still pull potentially relevant cards. This would help make super notes scalable for those with hundreds or thousands of notes but who also can’t exactly remember what they named something or said in a note. It would also help prevent duplicate note creation.


Thanks for posting this @austinjaney! I have added a +1 for this on our internal roadmap.

The behaviour we are thinking of adding, is allowing you to separate different search terms with a comma, such as “Powershell, Exchange” and this will look for cards which have both “Powershell” and “Exchange” keywords without having to be necessarily one after another. We will most likely add this once our new WYSIWYG editor is out!