Search results in Interact menu don't match query

Description of the bug
In the interact menu, when trying to add a shared parent, the search results are somewhat off. It shows cards that do not match the search query, and it doesn’t show cards that do.

App & Version
Android App v3.1.2

Steps to reproduce
Select ... → Interact and enter some text to search for parent cards.

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Hi @freisatz, we haven’t managed to replicate this on our end with either 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 on Android.

Can you replicate this still? Any steps to reproduce?

For me the described behaviour occurs for every search string and every card. So no, I cannot be any more specific, unfortunately. I am pretty sure It started with 3.1, though.

I am a bit scared since Supernotes basically stopped working for me, there is glitches everywhere I look, see me recent torrent of posts. Weird this is seemingly affecting only a small number of users.

Hi Robin, I totally understand your cause for concern. It’s incredibly unusual that you’ve been encountering so many glitches. Connor and I have been relying on Supernotes every day since 3.1 and have not encountered this.

Nevertheless, we are on hand to help. I’m sure you’ve already logged out and then back in to try to resolve these issues, and that all your devices are running 3.1.3?

If you could send us a screen recording via our in-app messenger of everything that’s going wrong, we will assist you directly.