Separate cards by parents when View Depth is greater than 1

Hopefully supernotes’ broadsheet view, when the user uses the multilevel depth feature, will display the search results (multiple grandchildren of multiple child cards under the parent card) like the walling software’s section partition (i.e., each child card is the title of a section, and can be provided with the ability to quickly collapse the section, and multiple grandchildren within a child card that have a deeper level of cards are also viewed as collapsible sections).

This design allows the user to see all the content of multiple layers of cards without the stress of reading and navigating through cards that are stacked together and feel out of order.

I tried supernotes app for the first time last night, and I couldn’t sleep.
The parent-child card relationships, tags and links in supernotes remind me of thebrain, but at the same time the design taste of the supernotes development team makes this complex feature so restrained and elegant, which is so rare that I was deeply shocked by it, and after browsing through a lot of feature suggestion threads tonight, I chose to say what I would like to discuss the most in my usage. (that is, how to view those cards at a later stage without being interrupted by the software)

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Hi @EternalSummer, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

Loving the enthusiasm and lots of feedback unpack here, so I’ve split them up into separate feature requests as they’re all good points in their own right.

Discussing your point about dividing multi-level view depths by parent card “sections”. I understand where you are coming from since we don’t display (parent-child hierarchical) breadcrumbs on cards, they can seem unordered and jumbled → so it seems to make sense to separate them by sections.

However, looking at it from a different perspective, this is actually the power of Supernotes – setting it apart from other platforms. Since you can quickly compare related information / filter complex hierarchies in a simple fashion viewing all relevant cards being alongside each other.

We could look into supporting a “Sort by Parent” sort order, which seems like it would be very helpful for you. How does that sound?


" “Sort by Parent” sort order," I think it works.
Visually, would it be possible to give the collection of cards under different parents different rainbow colors, like the automatic color separation in a mind map,

so that the user can immediately see the differences visually (just a suggestion, maybe this clashes with the current color coding, to be honest :joy:)

Oh, another thing, there’s another advantage to the above model.
Each hierarchical collection can be collapsed, which allows the user to see all the levels while reducing the amount of information available as they navigate.

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Perhaps a little indentation on child tags kind like an outliner but not.

Something to give the hierarchy some visual/concrete manifestation.

Right now, the hierarchy in Supernotes is too abstract. It’s only a text “tag” with the parent. Tags work because they are all flat so a label works fine there. However a hierarchy needs more visual information IMO.

However a hierarchy needs more visual information IMO.
I agree, Its so important that SN has one view for showing hierarchy cards in one page (not broad view, it has not context)

How about adding a group-by functionality. You could choose any attribute such as parents, but also tags or dates to split the view into sections, as in the original post.

It would be conceptually pretty easy to grasp and would even allow the user to recreate a kanban-like view if so desired.

This is just a quick braindump, I did not think this through at all.