`Shift` + `Space` to open cards also adds them to outline

Maybe I don’t understand what it means to open a card, but every time I hit Shift + Space the cards are also added to my outline. This creates a lot of clutter I have to clean up. Please help, am I doing something wrong?

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This is supposed to be an intentional feature. So if you are a new user, only the cards you open will be added to the Outline, and it becomes a quick place for you to navigate between locations. However I can also see how this becomes frustrating once you have lots of cards in your hierarchy. We will see what we can do!

I see. Thank you for the quick response!

No problem. Out of interest, would it be possible to explain a bit more your use case. Why open cards if you don’t want to navigate to them in the future via the Outline? Why not just preview them?

Hm, as far as I understand I have to “open” cards to add and access their children, which I do frequently.
So I start in my home view, hit Ctrl + F to search the card I want. I navigate to the card and hit Shift + Space to start editing and adding children. But then it already happened, new card in outline I did not want there.

My outline is organized around a few specific high level topics. It feels irritating to me to have cards appear there that are unrelated and at a very different level of abstraction. Most cards I access via search.

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