Short cut for Go to daily takes you to today's daily

I love the new Daily view. Super useful. Will definitely be scheduling notes for myself in the future.

I find that most of the time when I want to go to the Daily view, I want to go straight to today. So it would be great if the shortcut shift + command + m could do that. Currently, I guess it takes me to the day I last looked at?



Understood that you usually want to go to Today, though in this case it might make sense to compose this in to two shortcuts – one that takes you to daily and one that takes you to Today when you’re already in Daily. That way the first shortcut is still useful for people that don’t want to go to Today specifically.


After re-visiting this, what we decided to implement is: if you are already in the Daily view, clicking on Daily in the sidebar or triggering the shortcut (cmd+shift+m) will take you to Today’s daily view.

So to rapidly get to Today from another view you can always just trigger the shortcut twice in a row. This will be released in the next patch release (2.0.2).