Custom Collections

does anyone know how to delete collections like (Daily, Thoughts) ?

and also how to create a new collection?

thanks a lot

Hi @amaelftah, welcome to the forum! Currently creating/editing/deleting collections is not possible, but the ability to customize collections is one of our top priorities, so we should hopefully have something for you soon.


cool thanks a lot connor … and great work guys :muscle:

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Hello, I would love to have the ability to save a view in supernotes, including its type (list/broadsheet/graph) and its filters to have a new collection featuring this settings. For example, I would want to save the home collection displayed as graph into a new “Graph” collection:

I know it can be a bit complicated and I don’t hope to see it any soon in the app, but I wanted at least to discuss about it.


Hi @iamissam, welcome to the Supernotes Community.

This is a great suggestion – love the mockups!

We’ve been working towards supporting this for a while, and we’re calling it “Custom Collections”. You will be able to edit existing and create new collections, saving view prefs such as filters, sort and view type, almost exactly like your mockup. This will be coming very soon, and we can’t wait to share this with you.


Do custom collections include the filter option of a date range (eg show all cards within this week) and will it be possible to see all that cards and with a specific tag in a broadsheet?

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Hi @isaiur, thanks for the additional thoughts. Yes, you will be able to save filters including tags and view types.

Date ranges is a separate feature however it is likely we will add this as well!


That sounds perfectly. I am really looking forward to custom collections.


Will custom collections allow for the creation of a new parent card to define the new stack or collection of cards? (I tend to think of the parent/child relationship in Supernotes as stacks of related cards.)

Would it also support reminders for cards?

For example I want a specific card to show up on a custom date (or recurring date) in my notifications.

While looking for reminders I found this but I’m not sure if it’s similar: Reminders (Single Use & Recurring)

Custom collections works on the premise of saving a combination of filters, view type and sort just like the current collections available to you:

  • Home: All cards except for invisible
  • Thoughts: Cards without a title or content or a parent
  • Tasks: Cards containing at least one unchecked to do item

They are separate from cards and you will not able to share collections (at least not initially). So @JohnCP defining a new parent card for a collection will not work. And @DunkinDonuts the link to reminders is correct and what you are looking for – reminders are unrelated to custom collections.

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Thanks for explaining the feature in detail. I like the collections metaphor, which will become more relevant for users when the custom collections feature is implemented. Moving cards from the collections into the outline will become an even stronger workflow.

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Is this feature planned for 2024?

This feature will be in Supernotes 3.1 :wink:


Is there already a release date for 3.1? :slight_smile: This is really whats stoping me from using the app rn because it drives me crazy that I always have to manually type in tags I want to view.

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Hi @Yannic, you’ll be pleased to hear that 3.1 will be our next update, it’s unlikely there will be a 3.0.7 as we have some big features to release, include custom collections. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.


Beyond excited to see some of the upcoming additions, like this one and the inline coupler :grin:


Can’t wait for custom collections, too!

My question was more about the release schedule, i.e. when is the release of 3.1 is happening.
Does Supernotes have a fixed release schedule?
And do you already know when 3.1 is being released? :slight_smile:

I just joined today and have no clue how regular updates are coming :smiley:

Hi @Yannic, updates are very regular, we release them every few weeks, you can see all our past updates here on the changelog. We’ve scheduled 3.1 for January to give us some time over the winter break.