Custom Collections

Hello, I would love to have the ability to save a view in supernotes, including its type (list/broadsheet/graph) and its filters to have a new collection featuring this settings. For example, I would want to save the home collection displayed as graph into a new “Graph” collection:

I know it can be a bit complicated and I don’t hope to see it any soon in the app, but I wanted at least to discuss about it.


Hi @iamissam, welcome to the Supernotes Community.

This is a great suggestion – love the mockups!

We’ve been working towards supporting this for a while, and we’re calling it “Custom Collections”. You will be able to edit existing and create new collections, saving view prefs such as filters, sort and view type, almost exactly like your mockup. This will be coming very soon, and we can’t wait to share this with you.


Do custom collections include the filter option of a date range (eg show all cards within this week) and will it be possible to see all that cards and with a specific tag in a broadsheet?

Hi @isaiur, thanks for the additional thoughts. Yes, you will be able to save filters including tags and view types.

Date ranges is a separate feature however it is likely we will add this as well!


That sounds perfectly. I am really looking forward to custom collections.

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