SN Pro Italics not rendering in Safari, Orion

Description of the bug
Using italic markdown does not render as italic in Safari, Orion, and possibly other Webkit-based browsers.

App & Version
current web app

Steps to reproduce
Use Safari. Create a note, enter *here's some italic text*, and save the card. The text is rendered upright, rather than slanted.

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Here’s also screenshot of Safari’s dev console, showing a warning for the slant property.

Thanks for looking!

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This italics bug extends to iOS as well.

Hi @taylor_venable, good find! Thanks for the thorough report and breakdown.

It seems to be a bug with our SN Pro typeface itself, fortunately looks like a simple fix and we will make to that this is addressed in the next minor release. In the meantime on Desktop please use a Chromium based browser or the Desktop App.


I confirmed the fix in the 3.1.3 release. Thanks again!

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