Sorting doesn't seem to work when searching

When I filter my cards, the results aren’t sorted in the order I select. I’m not sure this is intentional.

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Hi Karel,

I think you are talking about searching (in the top right). Whenever you are searching/filtering by a keyword, your cards are displayed in order of relevance to your search term, rather than being displayed based on the active sort preference.

Hi Connor,

You’re right, I meant searching instead of filtering.
Thanks for the explanation. It would be interesting to have a sort option for search results and I’m not sure what algorithm determines relevance at the moment.

We are looking into ways to make filtering more powerful / flexible by allowing for searching as a sort of filter (so that you could effectively be filtering by multiple search terms at once).

If we do that, I will look into allowing you to then sort using the sort options once the cards have been filtered by search term!

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That’s great Connor, thank you :wink:

Any update on this?
Should I log these items as a Feature Request?

  1. Searching for multiple terms in a notecard
  2. Sorting search results

We are doing a big update to how sorting / filtering works soon, that will allow for these items, as well as things like filtering by multiple parents. It’s quite a big change, but it will be worth the wait.

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As far as I can tell, on iOS the search bar covers the drop down with sort options, so it’s not possible to sort your search results. Could this be made possible please?

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