Summary view that shows only titles?

One feature that I’ve found would be useful for cases where a card has a lot of children is the ability to show cards as only their titles.

As things stand, the collapse/expand behaviour is super helpful for making sure there’s consistency amongst longer cards, but it’s hard to get a quick at-a-glance summary of contained cards without a view like this.

If there were an alternate, easy way to see the ‘outline’ of all the cards in the view I’m on, that would also work well as an alternative.

I’m sure something like this is already on the roadmap somewhere, but hopefully this is helpful and makes sense. Happy to answer more as to the use case. :slight_smile:


I remember this is related to a post on the old community forum where somebody wanted to be able to revise using titles as flash cards, so they are aware of this feature request. Diffidently a useful feature, I would find this useful too

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I was about to request an “outline view” when I found this post. Ideally, according to my usage, there would be another view in addition to graph, list, and broadsheet, which would be “outline view” that would function very much like a typical outliner like Omni Outliner, Roam, etc.