Supernotes 1.8.4

Supernotes 1.8.4 has been released :tada:


  • Greatly improve export functionality. Now you can export all the cards current view as individual markdown files in a single zip with name, content and card links preserved. You can still export all cards as a single markdown file, and now card content headings are demoted so only H1 (#) titles are the subsequent card titles.
  • Improve styling of lists with support for large numbers (such as - 2021)
  • Improve styling of successive images in a card
  • Add ability to paste url over selected text during edit mode@daniela1
  • Add ‘in progress’ indicator to certain menu items
  • Add Import from Notion option
  • Add ability to edit card icon by clicking it during card edit mode
  • Auto-fill successive numbered list items
  • Swap external link indicator to be at the end – less jarring
  • Remember what size your desktop app window was previously when opening a new window


We hope you like this update, as always please let us know what you think down below. There’s a lot more to come! :wink:


Love the ability to paste urls over selected text!!

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