Supernotes 2.3.0

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum. We’re very excited to share with you our 2.3.0 release, which includes some major under-the-hood improvements, improving reliability and speed across the board!

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below – looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon!

Improvements & Fixes

  • New double-click the card content to enter edit mode
  • New in-app Help Center system for iOS and Android
  • New cmd + up / down keyboard shortcut to jump to first / last card in Noteboard
  • New metadata changes sync in realtime when editing on different clients
  • Add support for double-space periods on Mac #1318 by @marlonr
  • Improved in-app messenger for all platforms
  • Improve performance of internal Supernotes messaging protocol
  • Improve draft-saving performance
  • Improve highlighting of LaTeX blocks while editing
  • Improve formatting of LaTeX #1492 by @rXpSwiss
  • Fix bug where it seemed possible to create new lines in read-only cards
  • Fix bug where clicking checkboxes was no longer propagating properly
  • Fix bug where app would fail to connect to our servers even though you’re online
  • Fix smooth scrolling overshooting and performance issues

Thanks for the update, I was wondering if it’s possible to drag and click over multiple cards and then use the delete button or commands? Would be a cool update

Double-click to edit a card is genius! It’s intuitive, quick, and just feels “right”. :heart:


Hi @SalmanMKC,

We’ve been working on multi-select functionality, and most of the development is complete – we’re just testing it internally at the moment. It will be available soon!


Thanks a ton for adding double space to add a period!!