Supernotes 2 – Preliminary Release Notes and Server Upgrade Time

Supernotes 2 is almost here! We have scheduled the upgrade to be on the 18th February between 1am - 2am GMT. There may be some downtime while the upgrade takes place and we apologize for any inconvenience in advance. Supernotes 2 is a BIG upgrade, and almost every part of the platform has been improved in some way. We’ve put together some preliminary release notes of the major things that have changed, so you can get a good idea of what is coming in the new version. We can’t wait to share all of this with you!

Card Editing

  • New Super Editor
    • Feature parity with current editor – automatic lists, markdown hotkeys, etc. should all behave as previously (or made better).
    • Enriched Markdown – Markdown syntax is now greyed out and elements are presented as they would be in display view. i.e. bold is bold, code is syntax-highlighted and monospaced etc.
    • Multi-cursor support – highlight some text and then press CMD / CTRL + D to quickly select all instances of that phrase and modify it in one fell swoop
  • Improved Universal Coupler (“Add Element…” menu)

Card Viewing

  • Overhauled Sharing
    • Entirely re-designed for a simpler / cleaner interface
    • Share codes are now ‘Share links’ – you can click on them to display a QR code and additional sharing options, including copying a link, share code or embed code.
    • New “Add Friends” dropdown – a searchable list of all your friends to quickly add them to a card.
  • Improved Backlinks
    • Transclusion – see the snippet of text where that card was mentioned.
  • New “Targeted Date” property – so you can override the default creation date and set a card to appear in a more appropriate place (primarily for the new Daily view)
  • New “Locate” button on Priority cards – helps you quickly find them in the Outline
  • Added colors to card titles (if applicable) in the Seamless View

Card Preview

  • Preview History – go back and forth between cards when navigating entirely in the Preview
  • Removed top bar and re-designed more generally for increased screen space
  • Create newly linked cards directly from within the card preview

Daily Collection

  • The “Today” collection has been supercharged into the Daily Collection, which allows you to navigate to any date, not just Today
  • Cover now includes a Weekly (List View) or Monthly (Broadsheet View) planner
  • Calendar dropdown, so you can quickly select a day / set targeted date
  • Planners and the new calendar have a “heatmap” to quickly indicate how many cards you have on any given day.
  • Full drag-and-drop support for cards + dates, so you can easily move a card to a different date (setting the new “targeted date” property) when on Desktop


  • Improved Outline
    • New Quick-actions dropdown for each card in the Outline
    • Improved live updates, with fancy animations when new cards are added
    • Fix issue with root-level cycles disappearing
  • New Reset Filters button
  • Added total card count to Home Item

Noteboard / Views

  • New Graph View
    • See hierarchical relationships (solid line) and bi-directional relationships (dotted line) between nodes
    • Parent nodes with lots of cards are scaled accordingly
    • Single-click a node to Preview the card
    • Shift-click a node to Open the card
    • Alt-click a node to Pin the card
    • Fullscreen toggle
  • New Broadsheet View
    • Automatically adjusts to your screen size up to a max of five columns
  • New Random Sort option – sort stuff randomly if you want
  • Improved Import
    • Moved into the Noteboard Options menu (previously was in the User Menu)
    • Cards now import in your current view, e.g. inside a parent card
    • Added step-by-step instructions, and best practices
    • New Google Keep import, with titles, content, colors and labels all preserved

Command Prompt

  • New “Add card here”, to quickly add cards while in a parent
  • Improve search algorithm for more accurate results

User Preferences

  • New “Start Week on” preference for the Calendar, can be either “Monday” or “Sunday”
  • New “Card Visibility” preference, default is now “Priority” or revert to “Visible”.
  • New “Clickbindings” preference to invert card name click behavior
  • New “Solo mode” to hide collaboration features. This is experimental and is only recommended for those who absolutely never want to collaborate.
  • Reworked all themes’ color palettes, with “Zinc” receiving a complete renovation for enhanced contrast.


  • New Cards Left modal - to help Starter users quickly identify ways they can get more cards
  • New Invite by Email modal - to quickly send invites to add friends onto Supernotes
  • Referred users will now automatically become friends with you
  • Improved Referral Code modal - now has a QR code which your friends can scan


  • Removed Lifetime plan option
  • Added Currency conversion from GBP to USD & EUR
  • New Student pricing, now Monthly has 25% discount and Yearly has 50% discount

General Improvements

  • Improved performance when switching to new views – cards are immediately displayed with no loading
  • Improved performance of card list view and transitions


  • Fixed deleted cards not propagating correctly between multiple clients open at the same time. e.g. using Mobile and Desktop apps at the same time
  • Fixed Today / Thoughts View displaying incorrect card counts

This is extremely exciting! Some of these features I knew that I wanted, others I had no idea that I needed – but I do! :sunglasses:

The new editor seems like it will be a game changer, Daily Collection is genius, preview history should be extremely useful, the performance improvements sound incredible, locate note in the Outline is awesome, and I’m interested to discover if I end up using the Graph View or the Broadsheet View more!

To me, this feels like the release where Supernotes proves it’s the absolute best app in the market for note taking and digital knowledge management. I’m hoping that Keep Productive will cover the 2.0 release, and that his video will bring you lots of new customers! If so, it will be richly deserved, as it’s clear how much passion, talent, and effort you’re both pouring into this product. Thanks!


It’s awesome how a product that has already matured over years (that is plural) still gets groundbreaking updates like this. Every single commit of yours is greatly appreciated, just so you know.

Hope you’ll get the recognition you deserve with supernotes 2.0 and those mobile apps.

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Cannot wait for this, especially graph view, I am super excited to visualise all the card hierarchies and Links that I have built over the years!

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Awesome. Can’t wait for the new editor!

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Hi all,

Putting the last few finishing touches on this release has taken a little longer than expected, so there will be a slight delay in the release of Supernotes 2.

But we are hard at work squashing these last few bugs and will have it out ASAP!


Hi Connor

How’s the bug cleaning going, Any update on when version 2 will be released?


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Hi @JamieCraig,

We are very very close to release and have ironed out most of the remaining bugs. We will announce a date once we are happy with the reliability and stability of the platform – we will never compromise on this for new features. This could be as soon as tomorrow or as late as next week.

Thanks for your support and patience. Connor and I can’t wait to share it with you once it’s ready!


We have a new date for the update, this will be between 1am - 2am GMT on 18th February. There may be some downtime while the upgrade takes place and we apologize for any inconvenience in advance. Connor and I are looking forward to sharing Supernotes 2 with you.


Hi @tobias & @connor - thanks for Supernotes 2. Found a slight issue, Can’t upgrade on iPad iOS version. The click notification comes up but doesn’t seem to do anything. I logged out and re-installed the app but now can’t log in. Just thought I’d pass on.


Hi @JamieCraig, thanks for letting us know. Unless something else is going on, that should just be because Apple hasn’t approved the new TestFlight version. In the future this will not be an issue, but for the 1 to 2 upgrade there are many changes that are not backwards compatible so the old version of the app will not work, and will need to wait for the new TestFlight version. Once that has been upgraded do let us know if you’re still having the problem and we will look into it ASAP.

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Great thanks Connor