Supernotes chat groups

I really miss Slack or Discord for Supernotes.

I understand that it’s useful to have forum-specific functionality for feature requests and bugs.

Free-form chats, workflow showcases, and just random discussions are not really possible in the forum, though. People need to message these things, not post.

I think this kind of community is really important because it makes a product more human, connected, alive.


Hi Nikita,

As you have mentioned we do love this forum as it a lot more organised for feature requests and bugs. I talk about it in a bit more detail here → Why not have this community in Slack?

However I can definitely understand where you are coming from re. free-form chats and ephermal discussions. Connor and I will have another look into how we could make a Supernotes Discord work.

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I can’t use discord so I hope you stay with this…

@Whippingdot this forum is here to stay, don’t worry! This forum will always remain the central place for all permanent discussions regarding feature requests and bugs. Nikita was just suggesting that Discord would be a good place to quickly chat with other Supernotes users, which this forum isn’t as well suited to.

@nikita.korobkin we think a Supernotes Discord would be a good idea, but would like to gauge a bit more interest. If anyone else here is keen for a Supernotes Discord please like Nikita’s original post in this thread!

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