Supernotes or Obsidian?

I’m considering to move from Obsidian to SuperNotes. Why should I do it? Is there someone here who did it? I really appreciate SuperNotes – a tried it last year – but I don’t know how to insert it in my study routine.

And a final question: is there some possibility to use the notes like flashcards?

I think you are onto something with Obsidian being the natural contender of Supernotes when it comes to personal knowledge management.

I strongly belief in the organization scheme in supernotes that comes with both links and parents.

I have never used Obsidian, but when using Roam, also graph-based, I did struggle to give meaning to my notes, and often ended up with a feeling of my insights merely floating in limbo instead of actually adding to my knowledge.

In supernotes, I have the ability to build a sound hierarchy, using parents, in order to put a piece of information into a context in which it matters to me - which is a big part of what constitutes learning, I guess. On top of that, I can still represent associations with links, just as with Obsidian.

I use mobile quite a lot, so for me, a second plus for Supernotes is the UX on mobile, which in my experience is superior to most other serious note making apps.

That being said, maybe more important than my personal reasons why to stick with Supernotes is another question. Why do you even consider migration away from Obsidian in the first place?


Thank you!

Your reply was important and elucidative in my decision. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried SuperNotes, as a kind of experiment, and a think it is more congruent with my study routine.

For exemple, when I’m reading a new book, I can create all my notes inside another one (that a call “reference note”).

It is easier to organize and, more important, to revise the content after.

The only question a have yet is about how to use colors. Maybe I will separate any type of note in colores (for instance: literature note = blue)

Anyway, thank you :slight_smile:

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I actually do indicate note types using color! I distinguish

  • literature notes: notes on external sources
  • journal notes: notes and reports on events and thoughts linked to a point in time
  • insight notes: notes on my own thoughts and my understanding of things.
  • concept notes: notes that do not make any assertions about a notion, but provide a definition

Most systems I know have a similar structure, but it remains a matter of personal preference as of what typing is useful for you.

Finally, please have a look at my article on how to use the supernotes feature set consistently.

Great you consider supernotes as you new pkms! If you have any questions, keep posting them here.

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