Sync issues between mobile and client -> web app

I can confirm this behaviour even for cards with non-image-only contents.

Hi @taylor_venable, thanks for the in-depth breakdown. It was very helpful, as you helped us identify some improvements that are actually not syncing related.

Regarding the differing card counts this is intentional since “Home” includes cards that you haven’t kept such as shared or imported cards. See my differing card counts here. To give you and other members more piece of mind, I’ve made a note for us to look into creating “a card count” modal that will show you a single source of truth breakdown of all cards.

Since the 3.1.3 release, we’ve added a bunch of safeguards which will mean losing cards / content is extremely difficult, so you shouldn’t need to worry there. Although a side effect has been that syncing has reverted to be a little slower as noted by @freisatz above. Our focus in the current updates is to continually improving the behaviour of syncing to be faster and more transparent. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon.