Tag searching, on right-top search icon 🔍


I want to find my cards by searching tagname on right-top search icon.
That is, I want to filter my cards by tagname, using search icon, not configuring a new filter.

Because “filtering” tool looks too huge for just finding cards with a specific tagname, and it requires more than 3 steps to get the results.
Just click search icon, and enter #tagname or tagname. This seems more efficient and easy.

It seems supernotes does not support this feature at this moment, so I leave this as a feature request.

thank you for the cool service!

Hi @laff,

I can see how this might be more convenient for your use case, however we want to avoid grouping filters within the fuzzy search for now. In the upcoming 1.7 update, you will be able to immediately create a new filter by using the hotkey [ctrl] + [shift] + [f], and then typing what you would like to filter by which should hopefully help things a bit! Also clicking a tag in the display mode will immediately apply that filter automatically.

An advanced search using natural language input is something we are looking into though. I hope that helps!

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oh, so an alternative way is under consideration! of course that helped. Thanks!

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