Tags or parents are not shared by default with the UniversalCoupler

I am sharing a bunch of notes on a project with a team mate and using a “[project-name]” note as a parent for this. When I create a note and add the “[project-name]” as parent in the universal coupler, it shows a default of “shared” but it then adds the note as “private” (example of screenshots below). I then have to click on the parent and change the setting from “private” to “shared”.

Is it possible to have cards added to a parent note “shared” by default?

Thanks! (PS: I LOVE Supernotes - coming from Obsidian and a true game changer)

CleanShot 2023-03-25 at 16.15.43@2x

CleanShot 2023-03-25 at 16.16.58@2x

Hi @selmo,

Thanks for your kind words. This actually seems to be a bug at the moment, we will make sure to fix in the next update.

In the meantime if you open the parent and author child cards within it, they should be shared by default. You can also use the “Add card here” command from with the command prompt when you have a parent card opened.

@tobias Got it, good to know! (I was wondering if I was missing something). Thanks for suggesting some work arounds too. Looking forward to the next update. Sending the team good vibes.

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You’re welcome. We’ve already fixed this in our development branch, and I can confirm we will be pushing this fix out in the next release.

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Is the fix already deployed? I keep getting the same bug. SAME with tags! It’s really annoying and kills my flow!

Hi @MaxLinWorm,

We’ve added a few more things in the next release, apologies for the delay but we assure you it will be worth the wait. We’re planning to publish 2.4 this coming week.

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That’s cool. Does the release fix the tag issue that’s cropping up? Or only the parent issue (don’t know if they’re related and if the tag issue was tracked already)

Yep, it fixes both issues!

EDIT: I’ve renamed and moved this topic into bug reports, so we can tag it in the 2.4 release

Thx that’s great. And btw your customer response is simply awesome. It’s Sunday go take a break kkk