Temporarily hide cards within filter view

I am currently reviewing a topic for which I have created cards over a long period of time. I have entered a keyword in the filter and displayed the result in the board view. Now I wanted to hide some cards, but there was no suitable filter to do this. So I used multi-select to select the cards I wanted to keep in the view and colored them blue. This only worked because all the cards had the default color. The tags can be edited via multi-select, but no new tag can be added.

Is there any way to get a better workflow so that you can temporarily hide cards that match the filter?

Hi @isaiur, you can click or tap on a filter icon to invert the filter and remove it from the view as follows:

(tip: have the AND filter option on)

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Thanks Tobias, but that isn’t a new information for me and it doesn’t cover the problem I had or have.

I will try to explain it a little bit clearer with an example I had a few minutes ago:

  • I am reviewing all my cards which cover the topic ‘police law’
  • I added the filter ‘police law’ in the filter section and view them in a board view.
  • Now there are some cards which cover an enumeration, where ‘police law’ takes place but these aren’t helpful for my current review.
  • The cards that aren’t an enumeration do not have another matching keyword as ‘police law’. So I do have to mark them with any matching to apply the filter ‘police law’ and the new matching thing to hide those enumerations.
  • What worked good is that I multi select those cards which I wanted in the direct review and apply the blue color to them (as long as they don’t have another color due to an earlier color-coding)

I hope it’s a bit clearer now.

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I thought it wouldn’t be new info, but just wanted to double check.

Ah I see what you mean. You could also do the inverse and taken advantage of the invisible filter, so just start selecting some cards in multi-select and then “Make Invisible”, once you are done invert the Invisible filter, select them all and revert them back to “Priority” or “Visible”.

Moving forward the best option will probably be having a tagging system for cards to review such as “to review”, “in review” and “reviewed”, that will give you a lot more flexibility.

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The invisible filter is the thing! Thanks a lot!

I searched in the community but didn’t find a way … my filter section got cluttered up due to a carelessness on my part … is there a way to delete a tag so that it don’t show up on the list anymore?

To remove tags from the tag list, just make sure they’re removed from all your cards (incl. junk and invisible ones). And then log out and back in to reset the cache and those unruly tags will be gone :slight_smile:

We’re aware this isn’t the best flow and have a tag manager in the works.


Got it, thanks!

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A tag manager would be super helpful!