Thoughts section filter should exclude cards that are linked to

The thoughts tab is helpful to find cards that aren’t organized yet. If it doesn’t have a name or content, I’m for sure not done with it.

However, I’m guessing many of us organize cards without using a strict hierarchy. I link to cards as I write to organize them more organically and pull them together under a parent only sometimes. So, for those of us organizing mostly non-hierarchically it wold be great if…

  • We could adjust the filter of the Thoughts tab to not care about if cards have a parent.
  • We could filter out cards that are linked to by another card.


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Hi @ncolestock, welcome to the Supernotes Community.

Your suggestions make a lot of sense. You’re right it would be great to tailor the ‘Thoughts’ and other collections to your own workflow / preferred way of organising your notecards. You will be happy to hear that the ability to edit collections will be arriving in an upcoming update. Looking forward to sharing this with you!


Found this thread and would like to give my +1

I think it would be very helpful to structure cards with parents OR only with tags. The linear structure is one aspect I don’t use Notion anymore because you have to go top - down … but with SN you (could) have the ability to go bottom - up and it is a bit limiting that you have to apply a parent.

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