"Thoughts" tab filter?

Has there been any consideration given to being able to configure the “Thoughts” tab so that I can determine what should show up there / what shouldn’t?

Alternatively, is it possible to simply remove something from that tab? E.g. I have a bunch of cards that essentially function as folders. They will have parents and children, but no content per se. Ideally they don’t show up in Thoughts, or I can dismiss them.

I add any brief description as a content of such cards. Let’s say, the tittle is “Zettelkasten” and the content is “Notes on the method”.

Yep, being able to configure Thoughts is something we want to provide for power users, it’s up there in our list of priorities. But as @dmych points out, the existing Thoughts defaults are fairly deliberate in that one of the great benefits of Supernotes nested card system (rather than using files and folders) is that you can provide extra context / tags / etc, which can be very helpful in situations where you want to add a card to a parent but can’t remember which “Books” card is the one you’re looking for.

I too use a similar parent-child folder scheme, whereby the body of the card is empty.
To prevent these cards from being added to the Thoughts tab, I simply added a hidden/invisible character to the body of the card.

Perhaps you could apply this method to remedy some of the issues you are experiencing with the Thoughts tab? :grin:

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