UI Integrations

Would be cool to be able to add integration directly into the UI. For instance, adding a pomodoro timer and selecting a card to target as the intent for that session.

Could be built into the app but if there were a way for devs to modify the UI then it could accelerate feature development!

Hi @x3y.in,

This is a cool suggestion! What kind of UI Integrations were you envisaging?

We’ve previously thought of opening up the ability for developers to add different “widgets” to the sidebar, such as a pomodoro timer.

Obsidian uses a plugin model, which allows anyone with development skills to build additional features into the tool (and share them). It’s an incredibly popular feature in the Obsidian community, but it’s also one of the biggest reasons why I picked Supernotes over Obsidian.

In my opinion, the best tools encourage, guide, and support their wielder to improve their technique. For that, the tool’s simplicity, clarity, and sharpness for the task are its most important properties.

For note taking, I believe a tool should encourage writing in your own words, separating disparate ideas, structuring your thoughts, reflecting on what you’ve learnt, revisiting old insights, making connections between related ideas, etc. It definitely shouldn’t encourage people to spend lots of time optimising and tweaking the tool itself.

Extreme tool and process optimisation is an incredibly easy trap for perfectionists, deep thinkers, and analytic minds to fall into. However, I strongly believe that it’s an anti-pattern, and one which has unfortunately become rampant in the Obsidian community.

I hope that Supernotes doesn’t open that particular Pandora’s box for its users. Once it’s open, it’s difficult/impossible to close it again.

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Hi @JamesT, no need to worry. As always, we like to delve into topics like this further, even though they might not directly align with our vision, as they can be very productive and bring up ideas for other improvements that we can implement ourselves.

We wouldn’t ever go down a route like Obsidian. As you said, some find it wonderful to customize their own PKM tool with plugins, custom sync, etc., but often it can take more time to set up a system than just taking notes. We’ve noticed how users of those tools often never settle down in the hope of finding the “holy grail” of note-taking – when actually just sticking to one that works for them and learning how to use it properly is the best method.

One of the things we are working on (and it’s taking a little longer than we anticipated) is more direction from us on how to make the best use of Supernotes with more articles on our blog and tutorials on our YouTube channel. This will help new users make the best use of the sharp and opinionated tool that Supernotes is :wink:

Supernotes’ strength is that everything works out of the box – no plugins required. However, a route like Raycast, offering plugins for a specific feature subset, with a strict common UI toolkit, *could* be an interesting path. Such as sidebar widgets or command panel prompts. This offers developers of other tools ways of aligning different systems. You’ve mentioned before you use TickTick, and it could be interesting to see what the TickTick team could come up with. For example, you could select a notecard, type CmdK, select “Integrated Actions > Add linked task in TickTick”. Just some food for thought :blush: