Unable to Delete Tags

If I edit a card and delete a tag from it and click finish the tag just comes back.

I have confirmed this in Web and Windows desktop. It does seem to let me delete it on Android but they still appear on web and desktop. Even if I add content to the card on mobile it updates content on web but the deleted tags still appear in the web.

There does seem to be a bug with tag deletion, though I’m seeing slightly different behavior to you.

Locally the tag does not appear to be deleted, but if you refresh the page it is. Let me know if this is how it is working for you, and we will fix regardless.

Yeah I’ve tried refreshing the page and clearing the page cache but the tags are still there. Even tried it on a different computer and still unable to delete the tag.

Here is the one thing I’m seeing. https://photos.app.goo.gl/gACkJSERa8as2P5f6

Hi @fredmarkle,

Thanks again for reporting this bug! We’ve just pushed a hotfix for this and it’s live now on the web app, let us know if it’s solved for you.

no! this wrong bug has not been soluted!! I am so angry.

Hi @StacyR,

We are unable to replicate this problem on our end. Could you send us a screen recording or provide us with a more detailed description of what is going wrong? Also try logging out and then back into Supernotes that might fix things, if you are using Supernotes on multiple devices.

yes,when I log in the next day, the deleted tag really disappeared!