Universal Coupler pop-up Window is too small & has irritating UI

Hey, whenever I try to add parents / link cards to my edit card via the universal coupler Pop-up window, I’m kind of frustrated with the small, not resizable window.

On MacOS, there is somehow a scroll bar in the Title or, with ‘long’ card titles, I can’t see the complete Title, making it hard to select the correct Card I’m actually looking for.

Is there a specific reason why it is so small?
I’d love it if the window could be bigger and show more context of the card so I can actually link the one I’m looking for without trial and error.

See this Examples:


I can’t upvote this enough. It is actually very limiting and frustrating, and I see the same issue happening with the new [[ and >> functionality, the window is soo tiny compared to even the width of the card that you are working on…

The only function for which this popup size is sufficient is the inline tagging with #, because those are usually single word line items that you can easily review and choose from

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I will also link a relevant thought that I also had a while back in Sizing troubles.

As a desktop user 99% of the time, my experience hasn’t changed, I find the UI components to be too small to maximize my productivity to the full power of the app. Case in point, the search only shows 3 results, even though I have the screen real estate to easily double in both X and Y directions, this also makes search refinement much harder, because the content that you need to recall exact search terms is outside of the scroll fold.

I understand these compromises must happen on mobile, but feel held back by them on Desktop