Sizing troubles

I find myself seriously struggling with SN sizing more and more :frowning:, so I would like to throw this into the Feature requests bin to field if it’s something that one can reasonably expect to be added (and see if others are struggling with this too.

My main issue is that most components are too small and have no way to customize sizing. I work on a 5k2k ultrawide monitor, so there is a ton of real estate, which in the case on current SN setup is kinda the opposite of beneficial. The search window is tiny, both the main search and the side popup (with the / command), the columns in the Broadsheet view are painfully narrow, and the List view leaves a wild amount of unused space.

I am not sure about other users, but this actually hinders usability on my end a lot. Curious if one can expect changes in this area anytime soon(ish)?


I can totally relate on this. I am also having lot’s of space on the sides of the list view and wondered if it would be possible to toggle a full display mode - especially when I use markdown tables on the cards.


Hi @fuzzy.beach, thanks for sharing your feedback!

Before I jump in with our thinking on this, here’s a few things to try (if you haven’t already) to improve your experience:

  • Have you tried scaling your interface with ‘View’ > ‘Zoom In’ or Cmd / Ctrl+? Does that improve the interface size for you?
  • Also have you tried adjusting the Card Font Scaling in ‘Settings’ > ‘Preferences’ > ‘App Appearance’ > ‘Card Font Scaling’?
  • Could you possibly share some screenshots of showing how cards in the Broadsheet view are too narrow? As that view was designed in particular for those with large monitors

On the whole, Supernotes is designed to be responsive and work across all screen sizes – particularly smaller windows. One of the greatest strengths of Supernotes is that you can immediately reduce the app to a very narrow width (much more so than other note-taking apps) to take notes alongside Zoom calls, Youtube videos or other windows. We purposefully don’t allow for full-width cards as that will lead to you creating content that doesn’t fit well on a small screen, one of the drawbacks of viewing PDFs and Word documents.

You’re right Supernotes ‘List view’ hasn’t really been designed for use with very large ultrawide monitors, that’s why we introduced ‘Broadsheet view.’ Although please correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t ultra-wide monitors generally designed so you can have multiple windows alongside each other – instead of one super-stretched out? Do you have examples of other productivity apps that are designed well for your monitor when used in fullscreen mode?

We do also have some improvements (early on) in the development pipeline that might help ameliorate your issues including a Focus view, where you will be able to see a card one at a time in a large scale with the rest of the platform blurred out.

Hi @tobias,

  • Scaling it with Cmd + is a bit too global to be honest, I am not looking to make things generally larger because that has a disproportionate effect on areas I wouldn’t want to scale, while affecting the desired areas very little.
  • I do have that setting set as “Large”, and going to “Huge” isn’t a big improvement because it affects font more that anything else, and font is not the element I have size issues with.

Sure I will share what I can. As you can see in this view, there’s so many columns that make the individual cards very narrow. I would much rather have 1 or 2 less columns and more pagination, to actually see more per-card content

Or for example, the really brutal ones:

You’re right, these are captured with Another window next to the SN app (which you can’t see), and I typically have one or two alongside.

While I appreciate the ability to make SN small and keep things responsive, when I am in deep capture/writing mode the completely opposite of that is desired :frowning:. I understand this is not trivial to solve, but it seems like there’s at least a few other users that feel similarly

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To answer this part, I use Obsidian and Heptabase in areas where I feel SN falls short and they lend themselves a lot better to a large/wide screen. I am still experimenting with things, but my ultimate goal is to reduce this spread because I use linking heavily and having to do linking cross apps is far too cumbersome for my flow.

As you can see from the above screen shot, when searching for other cards in an attempt to link one, I have a frustratingly small amount of real estate to view the search results from / => Link workflow. If I have to actually Search (because it’s not an obvious card that’s linked high), it usually means having to do a CMD + K search (sometimes more than once, since that search window is also small), and then go back to the linking flow.

Thanks for the detailed reply @fuzzy.beach, it’s very helpful for us to see examples and screenshots of your use case and related apps!

Noted about having less columns for Broadsheet view, we will look into potentially letting you custom the number of columns / width.

For sure when you are in deep thought it’s definitely a lot nicer to see everything larger. I’m moving this topic into ‘Thoughts & Feedback’ since it’s more of a discussion rather than a specific feature request, hopefully the upcoming focus view will be a good solution for you. And we will also look into making the search results clearer in the Universal Coupler.

If anyone else has any thoughts please let us know down below :point_down:


As I mentioned earlier I switched from Notion to SN. When you open a page in Notion it looks quite similar to SN - the page is centered and you have lot’s of space around. In the right toolbar you have a toggle for the wide mode. If toggled on the page spreads across the whole screen - but currently I don’t have a widescreen - so I don’t know if there is a max.