Using the '/' character repeatedly


I have to use the / character very, very frequently when taking my notes. A lot of my notes revolve around urls (

This means I literally have to press the escape key every single time I want to type ‘/’.

Is there any way around this?
- Sam

Hi @samarth.tripathi3,

Yes you can change this in the User Preferences.

Go to User > Settings > User Preferences, and there’s an option called “Quick Couple Key” so you can change this to a backslash. Does that work for you?

That was a really fast reply!

That works great.

Loving the app @tobias! I’ve been telling all my co-workers about it like a lunatic :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, that’s what we are here for! Glad to hear it.

If you have any further questions, feedback or feature requests feel free to post them here on the Community! :smile:

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I find myself using both / and \ (for math). Would it be possible to put either of these (optionally) behind a “hold CTRL” or “hold CMD” modifier as well?

Thanks for the suggestion @mortalstarinventor, we will look into supporting these additional options!

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