Word / character counter

Hi, I am a new user, so apologies if the answer is in the system somewhere.

I am a content writer and I need to be aware of word counts – occasionally character counts as well (every writer needs this!).

Could you tell me where to find them in Supernotes? Or add them, please?

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Hi @iangreig, welcome to the Supernotes community! :tada:

At the moment we don’t have a word count functionality – only a character count (counting down from 1200 characters - the size of 1 card).

I see for your use case how an ascending character and word count would be very beneficial. I have opened a feature request, and since this is quite an easy addition we will look into adding this in the next update!

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I’ve just used cards to create a script for a one-minute video – so I need that length! Lots of apps give reading time as well – worth a thought.

Thanks for your quick response, Tobias.

No problem @iangreig, that’s what I am here for. We will try and get that update out as soon as we can.

Have a great day!

@iangreig As a workaround, are you able to filter out the cards you need? If so, you can export them to markdown and open the file in Typora for example. You can see the word count there.


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