Supernotes 1.5.2

Supernotes 1.5.2 has just been released. This is a minor update, but adds a few new features:

Features / Improvements

  • Permissions now propagate from parent cards. So if you change a member’s permission in the parent it will change automatically for the child cards. No more updating every individual card!
  • Character / word counter is added, after a recent feature request. Just click the “characters remaining” when editing a card to switch between the states.
  • Sort by content length is another sort option. Manual sort is coming very soon.
  • Improved support for non-latin languages incl. Hebrew
  • Navigate between noteboard pages using keys – if you have more than 25 cards on one noteboard you will notice that pagination automatically kicks in. Flick between these pages using [cmd/ctrl] + [ and ].
  • Quick restore junked card – junked the wrong card? No problem, quickly undo your action using the new notification + restore button.


  • Prevent self-referrals
  • Maintain card sync state when deleting a comment
  • Removed junked cards from backlinks list. Fixes this bug report.
  • Pasting links now formats them correctly.
  • Fix print bug w/ footer