Wrong Number for the "Thoughts" tab

Its supposed to show 1 but instead shows 2 :confused:

Hopefully i have that many ideas xD

Its just a small bug.

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Hi @jawsh, thanks for letting us know. We will fix this for the next minor release (1.8.2) which should be out in a few days! You will have to deal with a few extra ideas until then :wink:

I find out that sometimes cards added in home would just randomly appear in the “Thoughts” tab then be removed, but then the number of thoughts would be increased.

Hope this helps!

I thinks it’s not fixed…2021-09-21 12.37.17 my.supernotes.app 0cd34e2e36a6

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Do you have any filters on? The 24 cards might be the number shown with a filter on, such as the invisible filter?

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No filters…
on web:

on desktop:

Sorry to be pedantic, but have you definitely checked the “invisible” filter? This doesn’t show up as a purple dot on the filter sidbar icon.

Hi @Malte,

Thanks for the report! @daniela1 is indeed right that invisible / archived filters are enabled by default and this can often be the reason for difference in the numbers.

Although having said this, it seems like our previous fix hasn’t entirely solved the issue, so I’m marking this as unfixed for now. A temporary solution is to log in and out of the web app or desktop app and that will fix it for a while.

yes, logging out and back in helps to let the numbers match again. This is not a critical bug, but at least confusing…

Hi @Malte, I can appreciate this can be confusing, and we are working on a fix at the moment that we hope to release in the next update.

Just in case this is thought to be fixed it is not for this new member.

Thanks for letting us know, we will investigate further.