"/" able while card is focused and in preview mode

I bunch of times I’ve found myself wanting to hit the “/” key while viewing my cards and not editing them. When the “+” menu comes up, there are a few options in there that have nothing to do with editing the contents of a card, but rather taking action on the card itself such as:

  • applying color
  • giving it an icon
  • giving it a parent
  • or tagging it

This is sort of a hassle when you first have to hit (⌘ + Return) to start editing first, then “/”, then find one of the options listed above. Also, there’s a cognitive dissonance there because I’m not thinking about editing its contents, I want to take action on the card itself, so why would I have to enter edit mode? That’s the question I kept asking myself.

Would be great to just be able to hit the forward slash while you’re focused on a card and it isn’t in edit mode and still have that menu pop up to the side. Only now, the menu options are trimmed down to only the actions you can take on the card itself.

Oh I should mention that “/” starting a new note would be disabled. I don’t know of too many situations where that would be how you’d title a new note. However, a simple workaround for that would be to start a new note by typing a different character first, delete that character and type “/” for your title if someone were really using that for a title.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, I should also mention other options that I think would be fantastic to show in the popup menu for the card along with the ones I listed above:

  • Copy as Markdown
  • Copy as Plain Text
  • Copy as Rich Text
  • Copy Link to Card
  • Share
  • Pin
  • Junk

Those would be super handy! Those copy actions would copy all the contents of the card.

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