Supernotes 3.0.8

Supernotes 3.0.8 is out now :confetti_ball:

We decided to push forward a lot of improvements and fixes that were already completed, so 3.1 will be mainly Custom Collections (and maybe a surprise or two!). Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, as always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion, you should be credited in the release notes below.

Telegram Integration

Send notes to Supernotes from Telegram! To get started open the Supernotes iOS / Android app and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘API & Integrations’ > ‘Telegram Bot’. This authenticates and create a new conversation with Supernotes. Currently the bot has two modes, either each message creates a new card or all your messages are collated into a single “daily” card. Test it out and let us know what you think!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add text macro that converts [] to - [ ] #2302 by @LaurenBurchell
  • Add support for the mhchem katex extension in the editor and renderer #2276 by @jantarko40
  • Add “View as…”" Universal Search commands to support a wider range of devices and sizes
  • Add pinned indicator to the face of cards which are pinned
  • Add Ctrl / Cmdi to open card quick actions
  • Add monochrome app icon support for Android
  • Improve login via SSO to be more robust #2231 by @hahahumble
  • Improve Untitled cards to hide placeholder prompt in Seamless mode #128 by @Valery_Kondakoff
  • Improve card names to remove any preceding or trailing whitespace
  • Improve reliability of card joining system
  • Improve reliability of realtime collaboration and updates across the platform
  • Improve simplified card design, with shorter dates and only show necessary active buttons
  • Improve tag registry to remove unused tags and sort tag filters by usage
  • Improve pagination loading appearance, with a new loader
  • Improve mobile share extension formatting #2232 by @isaiur
  • Improve share page urls to include notecard title #2261 by @wldh
  • Fix cards in parent search and link search not being sorted by recent #2227 by @upsaad
  • Fix cards with terminals displaying tags and quick tips #2229 by @hahahumble
  • Fix hyphens / dashes between lowercase letters by upgrading to latest version of SN Pro #2236 by @yannic
  • Fix universal links, including share pages so they now open within mobile apps
  • Fix unclickable Untitled Cards #2257 by @DunkinDonuts
  • Fix iPhone, iPad devices being incorrectly mistaken for Mac devices
  • Fix HTML rendering incorrectly in card titles #2268 by @fuzzy.beach
  • Fix search queries incorrectly returning no results
  • Fix high hyphens, by updating to SN Pro 1.0.0 #2236 by @Yannic
  • Fix non-selectable text when printing #2269 by @wldh
  • Fix long names displaying incorrectly in user profile modal
  • Fix last edited time not updating frequently #2235 by @hahahumble
  • Fix junked cards displaying tips #2229 by @hahahumble
  • Fix erroneous footer scrolling behavior #2246 by @Yannic
  • Fix pinned cards occasionally not pinning on the first attempt and other wonkiness
  • Fix copy referral code which was previously not copying
  • Fix natural date inputs not working correctly with “Start with Day” user pref
  • Fix icons not showing up in Android app quick actions
  • Prevent Android app system text scaling, please use Supernotes’ font size setting

The 3.0.8 iOS app is still pending approval from Apple, however it should be rolling out for everyone within the next few hours :crossed_fingers: In the meantime the 3.0.7 app still functions as intended!


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There are two things I can’t figure out:

The converting of [] to - [ ] doesn’t work or I didn’t find how to yet.
And second I don’t find the improvement of tag registry to remove unused tags.

Would you please give me a hint?

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So there is currently a short-coming with the [] shortcut, in that it only works at the beginning of a new line (it will not work if there is already text on the line) and it cannot have a space in between. However we’ve already improved this in the upcoming version (and have also added a shortcut for [x] to create a checked list item).

With regards to the tagging system, there is still nowhere to go to specifically delete a tag (that is still in progress), but if a tag is actively unused it should be removed from your registry after removal from the last card that has that tag, so you will need to ensure the tag is no longer on any cards. If this is not happening, please let us know as that is indeed a bug that should be fixed.